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Are you living life awake, alive and balanced?

“Our goal should be to live life in radical amazement. ….get up in the morning and look at the world in a way that takes nothing for granted. Everything is phenomenal; everything is incredible; never treat life casually. To be spiritual is to be amazed.”

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Do you feel an urge to discover a deeper purpose and a yearning to unlock your full potential? Do you feel stuck in life, your decisions and your circumstances?

Have you tried everything in your power, but nothing seems to change for you? Do you believe that your decisions today, can impact your eternal future?

As human beings, we are here to merge the physical into the spiritual – we are here to learn, grow and evolve. Sumika Soul Spa is where you can empower yourself with the tools and knowledge to find the answers you are looking for, to live your life to its full potential and to discover and connect to your higher potential.

Find your passion. Regain Balance. Live life alive.

Our body is a set of wondrously designed systems with a built in ability to heal and repair itself.  The ancient art and science of healing, consisted of a knowledge of how to activate the dormant potential in these structures – specifically our DNA.  In order for us to be able to excel in this physical life, we have to be willing to repair any damage in our system and go on a path of self discovery and learning. This will bring growth and results.

Holistic or energy healing, like any other medicine, works over time. We can pro-actively repair small damages that occurs in life, or we can treat more severe symptoms that shows up with more radical treatments.  Signs of disruption in our Etheric or Spirit bodies, are normally where we experience small or extreme amounts of discomfort or DIS-EASE.

If the aura is compromised, we don’t hold enough energy to create flow or movement (around anything) in our life!

This includes: finances, relationships, emotions, creativity, joy, peace etc.  It can be very practical and very “spiritual” in nature – depending on what you are looking to find in life. It all comes back to the energy field we have around our body! If that energy field is compromised, it will be a challenge to create what you want to create on your earth journey.

They physical body alone is very limited in what it can help us create. We need our physical and spiritual (or subtle bodies) to be in alignment with our soul purpose ( a.k.a. our mission in life). If we are not aligned with our purpose or calling, we start to see symptoms of dysfunction – almost like alarm bells going off – telling you “Mayday, Mayday” you are off course! Redirect! Redirect!

Even though a major inconvenience, this automated “alarm system” is there to serve us and remind us that we have more than an 8-5 job and a picket fence existence to this life! At Sumika Soul Spa we have trained practitioners who are qualified and certified to offer you specialised ancient healing modalities which have been handed down from Master Teacher to student for more than 3000 years. These modalities will to help individuals to overcome feelings of inertia, apathy, depression, hopelessness, fear, being a victim, lack of financial abundance and many more. If your life is currently not the way you want it, there are ways to change it, but the change starts with a decision that you want to change and grow.

Sumika Soul Spa

Repair your Soul

Quantum Medicine is the medicine of the future!

More About The Life Activation >

Heal Thyself. Empower Thyself. Know Thyself.

Science shows us that we use a mere 4-6% of our brain capacity.  We have spiritual DNA in our SPIRIT body, just like we have physical DNA in our PHYSICAL body.  Acknowledged by even God for his extraordinary wisdom, King Solomon united the tribes of his time. Through years of tests and trials by the healers and medicine people he united, a protocol that activates the human potential was discovered. This is one of the ways he managed to build a very successful and abundant society for his people.  This is why we recommend the ancient healing process of Life Activation. The sacred process awakens the dormant DNA in your spiritual body. This spiritual DNA is mostly deactivated due to trauma, bloodline issues and societal norms. 

Personal experience taught us that conventional therapy does not facilitate personal change the way these ancient tools do.   Simply talking about problems simply does not solve it. 

 LIFE ACTIVATION – becoming who you truly are destined to be.

More About The Life Activation >
Sumika Soul Spa

Step 1 – Life Activation

Receiving a Life Activation will:

– Help you identify your unique gifts

– Reveal more detail about your life purpose

– Start the process of activating your full potential

– Enhance your immune system

– Gift you with increased awareness

– Help you feel energized, alert & focused

– Help you have more joy, love & abundance

Ultimately, it helps you to make sense of your life by transforming you and progressing your journey. We all have the potential to live a life of abundance.

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